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E Shram Card 2022 – Apply Shram Card at home, fill online form

E Shram Card 2022 – Apply Shram Card at home, fill online form

E-Labour Card 2022: As many people as people in the country work in the unorganized sector, the central government is preparing a database. As you may have heard the name One Nation One Ration Card scheme, one ration card has been implemented across the country. Similarly, through e-Labor Card , the central government wants to get a figure of how many people are working in the unorganized sector (private sector) in the country.

E Shram Card 2022

A total of 43.2 crore people working in the private sector within the country will be prepared. After preparing this data, where can they be benefited or by starting a new scheme, all these people will be benefited. The Ministry of Labor and Employment of the country has launched a new portal called e Shram for the welfare of the workers. On this portal, any worker of the country can register online and get their e-labor card at home. A UAN number is given to all the people who register in it.
  • Department Name : Ministry of Labor and Employment
  • Name of the post : E Shram Card 2022
  • Application type : Online
  • Who can benefit? : People from any unorganized sector of the country
  • Date of Commencement : 26 August 2021
  • How many people registered? : 27 crores
  • Official website : www.eshram.gov.in

What is E Shram Card?

E-Labour Card has been launched by the Central Government to identify the people working in the unorganized sector of the country and prepare a database of them. An official portal has been launched for this by the Ministry of Labor and Employment. By registering on that portal, people can get their e Shram Card at home. A Unique Identification Number (UAN) is given to the person who gets e-Labour Card.

Benefits of E Shram Card

  • If you apply for e Shram card you are given a unique card like Aadhaar card. A UAN number is given on this card.
  • PM Bima Suraksha Yojana benefit is given after getting E Shram Card and the government will also pay its premium for 1 year.
  • In the future, if any scheme is brought by the central government for the workers, it will directly benefit the E Shram card holders.
  • New employment opportunities will be available.
  • If you have E Shram Card with you, you can also fill the form for Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan Dhan Yojana.
  • The integration of e-Labour and NCS (National Career Service) has given new employment opportunities to thousands of e-Labour card holders.
  • In case of accidental death and permanent disability to an individual for one year Rs. 2 lakh assistance and Rs.1 lakh assistance in case of partial disability.

Who can apply for e-labor card?

  • Age of the person should be between 16 to 59 years.
  • Should not be a member of EPFO ​​or ESIC.
  • The person should be working in unorganized sector.
  • Should not be paying income tax.

List of Documents Required for E Labor Card

  • aadhar card
  • Ration card
  • Bank Passbook
  • Light bill
  • Mobile number which should be linked with Aadhaar card.

Who can apply for e-Labour Card?

People who work in unorganized sector can apply online for all e-labor card, people from all the following categories can apply for this card…
  • Small or marginal farmers
  • Agricultural labourers
  • migrant workers
  • People working at a brick kiln
  • Fishermen saw mill workers
  • People involved in animal husbandry
  • Beadle rolling
  • Labeling and packing
  • Carpentry
  • CSC
  • Salt workers
  • Building construction workers
  • Leather Works
  • Midwives
  • domestic workers
  • Rickshaw drivers
  • Print seller
  • sericulture workers
  • Asha Works
  • Street vendors
  • Tannery workers

E Shram Card Online Registration

  • First of all you have to go to the official portal www.eshram.gov.in to generate e Shram card.
  • After opening the website, click on the option of Register On Ashram. After that a self registration page will open in front of you.
  • First of all you have to enter mobile number linked with Aadhaar card.
  • Then fill the given Captcha Code and click on Send Otp.
  • Now enter the mobile number you entered in the box, an OTP will be sent to it.
  • Then tick the √ mark in the Enter your Aadhaar Card Number box.
  • Now in the last step you have to fill the required information accurately to generate e labor card like
  1. aadhar card
  2. Personal Information
  3. address
  4. Educational Qualification
  5. Information about your employment or skills
  6. Bank Details
After filling all these details, after clicking on the submit button, you will have to click on "Download UAN Card" in the new page, so your e-shram card will open.

Finally by clicking on Download UAN Card you can download your e Shram Card.

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