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Gujarat announces electric vehicle policy for next four years

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Gujarat announces electric vehicle policy for next four years

Gujarat is the first country in the country to announce an electric vehicle policy. Three Japanese companies will start production with Maruti Currently 250 charging stations are allowed Charging stations will be set up near hotels

An electric vehicle policy has been announced for the next four years in Gujarat. Gujarat is the first in the country to announce this policy. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani held a press conference and informed about the subsidy available in the electric vehicle policy, in which a subsidy of Rs 20,000 for 2-wheelers and Rs 1.5 lakh for 4-wheelers has also been announced.

New e-vehicle technology will be promoted
This policy will promote new e-vehicle technology and increase employment opportunities in e-vehicle driving, sales, financing, servicing and charging sectors

This e-Vehicle Policy of Gujarat has been formulated keeping in view the careful consideration of the State Government as well as the opinions and assistance of various experts in the field of electric vehicles, technology, manufacturing process as well as e-vehicle related factors and policies of the Government of India. Rupani said that the Gujarat Electric Vehicle Policy
has given special emphasis on four main issues .

Air pollution is also significantly reduced.
Increase the use of electric vehicles in the state, make the state a manufacturing hub for the production of e-vehicles and allied equipment, as well as

encourage young startups and investors in the electric mobility sector to reduce vehicle fuel emissions. This is the multiple goal of this
policy. It is estimated that 1 lakh 10 thousand two-wheelers, 70 thousand three-wheelers and 20 thousand four-wheelers will come to the state in the next 4 years. The
consumption cost per kilometer of such vehicles is on average 30 to 50 per cent less than other vehicles and also significantly reduces air pollution.

6 lakh tonnes of carbon emissions will
be reduced In the next four years, when 2 lakh electric vehicles come on the roads of Gujarat for transportation, it is estimated that at least five crore rupees will be saved and
carbon emissions will be reduced by about 6 lakh tonnes.
The policy is based on the idea that electric vehicles are expensive and unaffordable to the common man, and that the goal of using two lakh electric vehicles in four years becomes a reality. The state government has

allocated Rs. 1 per kilowatt for the purchase of electric vehicles . Will give a subsidy of 10 thousand.

In four years, the state government has spent Rs. 870 crore will be borne by the
Chief Minister. 5 thousand, while in Gujarat it is double that means Rs. The

government will provide a subsidy of Rs 10,000. As a result, in four years, the state government has spent Rs. 870 crore. Rupani said
anyone who buys an electric two-wheeler in the state will get a subsidy of up to Rs 20,000. Similarly for three-wheeler up to Rs 50,000 and for four-wheeler Rs. Up to 1 lakh 50 thousand will be given. The
subsidy will be available to two-wheelers worth up to Rs 1.50 lakh, three-wheelers worth up to Rs 5 lakh and four-wheelers worth up to Rs 15 lakh.

Vijay Rupani made the announcement at a press conference

  • Everyone gets equal opportunity to invest in the state of Gujarat.
  • Launched a new policy today.
  • Electric vehicles are used by more people.
  • The announcement was made to reduce petrol-diesel consumption.
  • Electric vehicles reduce pollution.
  • The goal of becoming an electric vehicle for people is important.
  • The government emphasizes two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four-wheelers.
  • This policy will prevent 6 lakh carbon emissions.
  • The subsidy will be Rs 20,000 for two-wheelers, Rs 50,000 for three-wheelers and Rs 1.5 lakh for four-wheelers.
  • A charging station will be set up to charge the vehicle.
  • The government will also subsidize charging stations.
  • For this, different hotels are considering charging options.
  • Charging stations will be set up at 500 places.
  • The government currently wants to start with 1.25 lakh two-wheelers, 75,000 rickshaws and 25,000 cars.
  • The subsidy will be subsidized per kilowatt.
  • Currently 250 charging stations have been sanctioned and 250 will be provided going forward.
  • Battery swapping stations will be promoted.
  • The state government has announced more generously than other states.
  • Gujarat will be the first state to provide subsidy.
  • Along with Maruti, three Japanese companies will also start production.

News Source : Divyabhaskar


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